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 Journal Entry #2
Leo Ancilidon
 Posted: Jul 11 2018, 10:24 PM
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"I'm the villain you root for in the end..."
Dear Journal,

Sorry it's been a while again. I meant to write sooner but I've discovered a few new abilities of being a Speedster. It's been about five months since I broke out of the 'Experiment' lab. I've got quiet a few things to get off of my chest. I still can't talk to anyone about my problems. I even accidentally (on purpose) killed my therapist. I mean, she kept pushing me to talk about my childhood and tried relating it to my experiences at the 'Experiment'. She actually said that I could have quiet possibly made up the whole five years of being tortured. Stupid bitch deserved what she got. Even still, it was relatively quick.

Which I suppose should be my first real touching point in this journal entry. My abilities. I've discovered that if I vibrate my body, or a body part, at a high enough frequency, I can phase through things. It started with trees that I couldn't avoid while running and it was almost an accident. I figured if air could pass through objects, all I had to do was vibrate at the natural frequency of air and I, by extension, could pass through objects. And then I started testing it with other objects. Walls, mountains, and even people. Which brings me to how I learned how to kill people quickly. I can vibrate my hand and wrist at a high enough frequency to pass through someone's body and slow it just enough to physically grab an organ or a bone and vibrate it into a million pieces. And when I pulled my hand back, no blood. Oh! I also learned I could run up a building and on top of water if I keep the same speed constant.

So now your next question is how did I run that fast without disintegrating right? Well, I found out that the 'Experiment' team was actively building a suit. It wasn't specifically designed for Speedsters. But with some modifications, I was able to make a version that worked for me. It's entirely black so I'm wanting to put some silver into it. You know, to match my lightning.

Turns out that I'm not the only person that was effected by the Particle Accelerator explosion. Which is how I became a Speedster. When it exploded, I was undergoing an experiment where they injected Tachyon Particles inside of me with their serum. The one that kept healing me. Well, that felt like every nerve ending in my body was exploding over and over again. And finally my mind couldn't take it so I decided to finally let go. And I flat-lined. So as they were shocking my heart with a defibrillator, the Particle Accelerator blew and bathed me in all sorts of weird cells, Dark Matter, and other weird things. And the Tachyons bonded with my DNA. Which is how I became what I am. But I've seen other people with powers out there. I've steered clear of them. If any come knocking on my door, I'll have to ask them politely to fuck off. I can't let anyone see my face. Otherwise it might get back to Thea and she'd come looking for me.

And now the bells are ringing...

Oh! I have a theory that if I can run fast enough, I can punch through a dimensional barrier and see what's on the other side. I've always suspected that we live in a multiverse. The only thing that would stop me from confirming that is a dimensional barrier. I've got to generate a ton of speed in order to do it. But I feel something different than I used to. Like, vibrations around me. And some spots are weaker than others. I'm assuming those are weak spots in the dimensional boundry. If I can hit those spots specifically traveling around fifteen hundred miles per hour, I should be able to punch through and see what's on the other side. At least according to my calculations.

What else what else what else? Oh! After torturing a few of the higher-up officials that were part of the 'Experiment', I've discovered that there was a name for the 'Experiment'. It was called Matriarch. Which apparently is the code name for the highest ranking individual. So I can assume that whoever ordered this fucking experiment is a woman. And I can also deduce that she's a mother. And while I tend to not want to kill women or children, whoever can order human experiments deserve to to be killed. I just hope she has some answers for me. Why would she do this? To test some damn drug? Well, she'll have to start from scratch. I've got the only vial of that damn serum left. All of the personnel from the Matriarch Experiment are dead. And I'm the only living survivor of it. But I'll get into how I know that in my next entry. I've rambled on enough.

that's why i didn't tell you. because you'd never been able to do it. don't get me wrong, i don't mind being the bad guy. i'll make all the life and death decisions while you're worrying about collateral damage. i'll even let them hate me for it. but at the end of the day, i'll be the one to keep them alive...
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